What Do You Like Best About History?

History, better known as his story is essential detials of the past. If can be anything ancient times to current events. History is simply what we make it. It does not have to be an old story or tale, we make history everyday. Each day is an opportunity to make something happen.

I remeber being a child an my parents use to drag me to history places. I use to hate it at first. As I group I realized how important they are because they shape everything. Meaning, without the historic events of the past, we would pretty much have nothing. Our ancestors paved the way for us to be able to have rights and exercise our freedom.

So today I ask, what do you like best about history? Is it the grim details, the untold truths, or the unknowns? Can you really be sure a story is true just because it was written in a dusty old book from many many years ago? We only know what we see, the rest is faith and what one believes, no matter which side you are, you have to choose one. At least that is what my father always said.

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